SIGs & Other Contacts

Studio SIG

The CCO Studio Special Interest Group is for members who want to take better photographs of people, primarily in a studio or home set-up. Some of the same lighting and model direction principles also apply when doing location and outdoor portraiture. There is NO COST to joining the CCO STUDIO SIG.

Our focus is on using controlled lighting for taking formal, semi-formal and character study portraits. We have access to a fully equipped professional studio and we give participants real, hands-on experience with professional equipment.

We welcome newcomers to studio photography. No prior experience in studio work is required. We keep costs down (the lowest studio costs in town) and give sign-up preference to newbies at the start of the CCO season. Announcements of shooting sessions go out first to those in the SIG, so be sure to sign up for the STUDIO SIG. 

Contact: Robert McAlpine

Critique Groups

An excellent learning opportunity for members at all photographic levels. These are self-critique sessions hosted by CCO members in their homes. Small groups (7-8 persons) at mixed skill levels, each person bringing 5 to 10 of their own slides and/or prints for a friendly, constructive group self-critiquing session. Everyone in the group provides helpful comments and suggestions for each image, with a view to making even better images. Groups are encouraged to have on-going meetings and joint excursions or other learning activities. 

Contact: OPEN

Nature SIG

The Nature SIG is a group of nature-oriented members who notify each other, via group e-mail, of interesting "photo ops" happening in the natural world. An example would be an update on the spring wildflowers blooming in various locations around the city. 

Contact: Joe Silverman


The Audio-Visual SIG is a group of members interested in producing slide shows. While to date the interest and activity has been with two (or more) projector shows with music and or narration, single projectors shows can be very effective. The members have had designated CCO evenings to present their productions. There have also been evenings for evaluation and fine tuning of newly developed shows.

Contact: OPEN


PhotoSpots are listings of photogenic spots within a half day's drive of Ottawa. Each entry has a description of what is at each site as well as directions for getting there. Members are invited to contribute to the listings. List is maintained by Jim Robertson (RA Photo Club) and is shared as a service to all photographers.

Photospots is available here.

Contact: Jim Robertson

Digital Darkroom SIG

The Members of the Photoshop SIG have the desire to share their Photoshop experiences and techniques with one another. Photoshop has become an essential tool for the modern photographer and provides a wealth of image manipulation and processing capabilities. The group seeks continuous improvement of their knowledge of and their ability to use Photoshop through the exchange of information and mentoring (both from advanced members and outside experts).

Contact: Vacant


Other SIGs

Can be created, based on membership interest.