VISTEK Gallery Print Exhibit - Digital Image Submission Deadline

Final date for the submission to CCO website of digital images for the "Shadows" print exhibit at Vistek.

September 16, 2017


Vistek, a local camera store located at 499 Bank St, has invited the Camera Club of Ottawa (CCO) to provide prints for display at its in-store gallery. Since CCO members have expressed interest in participating, the executive committee has committed to providing prints for the gallery. The show will commence the first weekend of November, 2017 and will run for one month.

The theme for the event is ‘Shadows’. All entries for the show will adhere to this theme.

The gallery location is at the front of the store and can be seen from the street. Vistek staff will review all entries to ensure that images are ‘family friendly’. This review is to confirm the suitability of the image for display in a public place, not a juried vetting of images.

The gallery has space for 14 prints. Vistek will provide frames and mattes for the prints. Vistek staff will mount the prints in the frames and hang them in the gallery.

The provided matte size is 16x20, the frame size is 20x24. The photographer can use their own matte as long as it fits the 20x24 frame. Exhibitors who plan to use their own matte are encouraged to visit the Vistek gallery to view the store provided mattes. In order to have a consistent look for all framed prints, matte colours should match as closely as possible (neutral, standard white). Having seen a full gallery exhibit, I would suggest participants make their final prints around the 16x24 size – also for a consistent look.

In addition to the printed images, Vistek will provide a large TV/Screen where additional on topic entries can be displayed on a rotating basis.

Members may submit up to 3 digital images to the CCO ‘general submissions’ area of the web site. These images must follow the standard criteria for the submission of a competition image as specified in the CCO Operations Manual. The images can be in colour or black & white, but they must adhere to the “Shadow” theme. The interpretation of the theme is left to the discretion of the photographer.

Submitted electronic images will be subject to a juried selection process. This is similar to a regular club competition. Efforts will be made to include at least one image from each member’s submission, but this is not guaranteed. Once an image had been selected for the gallery, the member will be requested to prepare a print version. The final print content and dimensions must match the submitted digital image.

Participants will be able to self promote their work. In order to ensure consistency, the special programs coordinator and volunteers will prepare a marketing brochure to be left at the gallery. This brochure will contain information related to each image, including artist name, bio, contact info, links to any online sites they use and price for each image. If a member does not want their information included, general contact information will be provided and any related queries forwarded to the participant.

Shadows - definition:

A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.

A personal aside: Comments from judges in past competitions would indicate that the most successful image would be one in which the ‘shadow predominates’. In other words, the image would be built around the concept of ‘shadow’ and not one where the ‘shadow’ is incidental.

 Questions or comments can be directed to