Special Guest

Jamie Johnson ~ Backups

February 20, 2018, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Jamie Johnson "Backups"

- The need for backup. Horror stories.
- The types of backup. 
- On location. When travelling: cities, wilderness.
- Home, off-site, cloud.
- Frequency, automation.
- Assurance, validation.
- Technology changes.
- Cataloguing to find it in the future.

It’s All About The Light

In 2000 when I got back into photography I thought it was all about content, what was in the frame. Focus, depth of field, white balance, all the technical stuff.

I have learned that while the technical is important, the composition of the main subject and the background had a lot of importance in the image.

Once I started to figure out the composition stuff, then impact and emotion became important.

Now, I am realizing that since photography is literally drawing with light, it is all about the light. Quality, quantity, direction, color all to create emotion and impact.

The journey continues.