Critique Sig 2017 Inaugural Meeting

small informal group

November 20, 2017, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


We are a small informal group of members that will meet monthly to assist each other in refining the composition and pictorial quality of our images.


It is anticipated that the target group will be Basic or Intermediate members seeking to improve, possibly with a view to entering club or other competitions. Or merely to wow their friends on social media.


The format will be a supportive and cooperative peer review. The objective is to assist participants in evaluating and fine tuning their images for maximum effect. Sometimes additional eyes viewing the image can be a constructive help.


Members’ images will be displayed for discussion, anonymously or not, as preferred. A round table discussion for a few minutes will enable participants to evaluate and help with supportive and constructive comments. All and any relevant comments will be evaluated before moving to the next image.


None of us are experts, so the comments will be instructive for all concerned. The intent is to go beyond a simplistic and trite recital of rules and dogma. We all know the visual elements affecting composition and pictorial impact are hard to define, and even harder to implement, but we can all recognize when they are present in a well-crafted image.


Advanced or Master Class members are invited to attend for the extra depth their comments will add to the process.


The requirements for participation are simple:


  1. Bring yourself.

  1. Bring your images on a thumb drive. Number of images we get through depends on attendance and participation. Suggest up to 6 images per person to start.


Make the first character of the file name a sequential numeral. EG: 1<space Your file name> next image: 2<space Your file name> and so on.

Examples — Anonymous: 1 Cat, 2 Dog. Identified: 1 Sletcher_Cat, 2 Sletcher_Dog.


Max image size: 1080 pixels on longest edge. Colour space: sRGB. Format: JPG.


These are the same requirements as the CCO digital image competition. If any concerns leave a message on the Critique SIG Forum: